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Inmobiliaria de Naves Santa Rosa is a company dedicated to developing industrial parks with more than 247 Acres of Land inventory.We are currently developing the Integra Santa Rosa industrial park.

A summary of its characteristics is shown below:

   - We are strategically located between wide avenues, quick exits to the USA or the center of Mexico, and close to the urban area of     Apodaca.

   - In the first phase, we have 23 lots suitable for industrial warehouses with a 30,000 square feets average.

   - Consider that several lots can mix to make a more extensive industrial warehouse.

   - Right now, and only for a short period, you can buy land and build on your own, as long as you follow our façade style project.You can also invest in our Property Titles, which is very lucrative and convenient. 

   - Our Warehouse Models are 46 feet high, with three different loading structures for cranes. 

   - These three versions of warehouses have an office, reception, and bathrooms. For a more proper administration, the option is Integra Business Center. 

   - The loading and unloading platforms can work with 50-ton trucks.

The Santa Rosa Industrial Park has all the services hidden. Water, drainage, category 13 electricity for industry, piped gas, fiber optic Internet, and concrete streets suitable for 50 tons weight trucks.

As the owner of a warehouse in this park, you have the right to be part of the Integra Business Center, which has the following facilities and services:


  • Meeting rooms.
  • Training areas.
  • Meeting and celebrations rooms.
  • Industrial Dining Room.
  • Private and shared offices.
  • IP Telephony.
  • Site with Software and Hardware as a Service (which includes Sales and Administration applications, Servers, Power Plant, High-efficiency Battery, and Backup and Security systems).

And that's not all! I'll break it down further below. The Integra Business Center and the industrial warehouses form a beautiful architectural project. I will explain some of its features:

   - The warehouses, when walking, move subtly, grow and decrease upwards and towards the front. You have to see it.

   - It has led lights that change colors and reinforce the previous effects.

   - The warehouse's design integrates with the vegetation of the area and the surrounding mountains.

We currently have all the studies and feasibility to develop. We started the formal pre-sale this April 15, 2023, and we are ready to start the urbanization. Are you interested in knowing more? Please get in touch with us by calling the telephone numbers below.