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The City of Monterey is the leading industrial city in Mexico, which is under very aggressive growth. So every day gets more difficult to find warehouses suitable for production and storage.

Nearshoring has been gaining strength worldwide. In the last year, billions of dollars have been assigned to relocate factories out of China to places closer to the main client.

Nearshoring is gaining strength because of its multiple benefits, like cultural affinity, shorter delivery times, smaller investments, more flexibility to changes, better communication, simpler logistics, and greater control.

Without a doubt, Mexico, and especially Monterey, is positioning itself locally and globally as the desired area to set up warehouses and factories to fulfill local and international demands.

As a result of this need, the Integra Santa Rosa Industrial Park was born. A park conceptualized and created to facilitate the manufacturing and storage of local and international businesses.

Integra Santa Rosa understands manufacturers well because its main partners are precisely that. Industrialists.

Below we will present the characteristics of the urbanization of this unique park.

One: Geographic Location:

  • Immediate access to National and International highways.
  • Strategic proximity to urban areas type worker and executive.
  • Less than 13 miles from the center of the city of Monterey.
  • Less than 125 miles from the US border.

Two: Common Services:

  • Drinking water and drainage. In the north of Mexico and Monterey is no exception, water and supply permits are scarce, but in the case of Integra Santa Rosa, we have the necessary licenses and the security of its supply.
  • Hidden Installations. Electrical, fiber optics, and Telephone networks passed through underground ducts. Eliminating visual pollution and protecting from external damage, such as heavy rains or the destructive passage of tall trucks.
  • Security Services 24 7. We have a security booth at the entrance, constant surveillance by guards, and drones with security cameras flying over the park.
  • Concrete roads. Avenues built with concrete guarantee the stability of the pavement for over 40 years, even with heavy traffic. Goodbye to the famous potholes.
  • Light Category 33 Class A supply. Standard suggested to the Industries to control fluctuations and interruptions, reducing damage to machinery and downtime.
  • High-speed fiber optics. No modern company works without the Internet; consequently, the security of the service and a good bandwidth become essential. Undoubtedly, to fulfill these needs, the best option is fiber optics.

Three: Studies and Permits. Multiple studies and permits are needed to build a world-class industrial park. Group of formalities we entirely fulfill to ensure superior construction of streets and warehouses, or premium services such as water, electricity, and security.

A world-class industrial park like Integra Santa Rosa guarantees that your business and the urbanization follow international standards that protect you and allow you to work efficiently.

Four: Modular Construction System. Our concrete system lends itself to prefabricated high-quality and resistant walls and foundations, allowing fast, safe, firm, and visually attractive construction at competitive prices. 

Five: Warehouses to suit you. From 30,138.95 square feet, customize the architectural design, defining spaces, facades, finishes, lighting, ventilation, and insulation.

Likewise, customize the structural design, defining the load capacity of beams, columns, and pavements, type of platforms, and accesses. 

Six: Business Center. A business center created to provide a comprehensive solution, ranging from essential support for your business to sophisticated local and global promotion services.

Trying to summarize what we offer in this business center is a topic that requires more depth and time. Please consult our publications for more information on this concept, which indisputably positions Integra Santa Rosa as a cutting-edge park in the national and world market.

Seven: Subdivision.

General characteristics:

  • Total Area: 1,130,000 square feet.
  • Salable Area: 633,606 square feet.
  • Number of batches: 21.
  • Average lot area: 30,138.95 square feet.
  • Average width of avenues: 76 feet.
  • Average width of sidewalks: 5 feet.
  • Anchor businesses: Tubos Regios (with more than 107,700 square feet), 2 Integra Business Center (with more than 21,000 square feet).

Do you want more information?

Please get in touch with our sales department. Indeed we will have the right option for you.