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The following information contains general specifications of the Integra Santa Rosa Industrial Park Warehouses.


  • Heigh to roof: 46 feet.
  • Beam load capacity: 0, 5 or 10 tons. according to needs and budget.
  • Administrative area: 581 square feet, which includes:
  • One Women's bathroom and two for men's.
  • Reception and office.
  • Computer area.


Consider that you can configure your warehouses from 15,000 square feet and customize the architectural design (with finishes, lighting, ventilation, and insulation)  and the structural design (with load capacity of beams, columns, pavements, and platform type).


We use the best technology for building warehouses where beauty, resistance, durability, modularity, and price mix into a unique modern construction system.


Together with our specialized work team and building system, the warehouses are lifted in weeks rather than months.


As a plus, you can achieve a sophisticated minimalist project on a low budget using our attractive polished concrete walls and exposed installations. Please consider using the expertise of our architectural team members to help you acquire a beautiful project.


Beauty and practicality do not fight with resistance!


Our polished concrete walls have a high humidity resistance and strength, so the building will last a long time in dry locations like Monterrey with very little maintenance, saving you a lot of time and money in the long term.


As an extra option, you can have the following services in your warehouse:


Water softening: Nuevo Leon's water is not fully potable; it has dissolved solids, chlorine, and sediments, which is unsuitable for demanding industrial processes or constant human consumption. With our water-softening package, water is left appropriate for demanding industrial processes such as painting, lubrication or cooling, and regular human consumption.


Polluting Waste disposal: Environmental laws are strict with the industry regarding removing ordinary and polluting wastes. Easily classify your garbage and send it to our waste deposit for proper management.


Last but not least! You will have an excellent quality guarantee. Our warehouses guarantee structural resistance, durability, and maintenance for a long time, supported by structural design engineering projects, insurance, and appropriate administration.


Are you interested in more information?


Please get in touch with us at the contact information on this page.