IP Communications

IP Communications


We implement the most modern digital facilities in the Integra Santa Rosa Industrial Park and the Integra Business Center to offer the best communication services.


At the time of your entry, IP Services are available to Integra Business Center members, such as high-speed Internet, access to mobile IP communications, and streaming video services in meeting rooms, meeting rooms, and offices.


IP communications is a digital technology that offers many advantages over analog. Some of these are:


Signal quality: IP communications use digital signals, meaning there is no line noise making the call clear and crisp, even when transmitting over long distances.


Bandwidth: IP communications use the bandwidth of the data network, which means that more data can be transmitted simultaneously, making IP communications ideal for video and voice applications, which require large amounts of bandwidth.


Flexibility: IP communications can send voice, images, and data in both directions simultaneously, opening up a world of possibilities, such as the use of NDI and SDI technologies that allow video streaming recording with the simultaneous use of cameras, microphones, screens, and backgrounds in the same global VPN.


Costs: IP communications are generally cheaper than analog communications since they do not require dedicated telephone lines.


Security: IP communications use digital security protocols, protecting data from unauthorized access more effortlessly than analog communications.


Mobility: Telephone and network services can work simultaneously on computers, cell phones, and landlines, whether connected by WiFi or cable.


Summarizing: With the use of IP technologies, we enter the most modern digital world, more flexible, robust, and economical than traditional analog communications. When entering the Integra Business Center, mobility, connectivity, and video streaming are a reality for your business.