Are you interested in investing and think you need large amounts to achieve it? Here we present an economically viable option, ethical, safe in its proposal, stable over time, and profitable.

Investing in fixed assets, such as houses, offices, shopping centers, or land, is an investment that meets the previous points. However, among these, industrial warehouses are kings.

An industrial warehouse is a fixed asset with high investment. Nevertheless, the return is considered low risk, stable long-term, and easily transferable or inheritable.

When an entrepreneur decides to rent or buy an industrial warehouse, this decision must be stable in the long term since this warehouse needs expensive facilities and machinery. For this reason, lease contracts in this market tend to be for five years or more.

At Integra Santa Rosa industrial park, we have made investment titles of warehouses available to public investors.

How does it work?

ONE. To begin with, we currently have two renting warehouses contracts for 10,000 square meters.

These warehouses include a ten-year lease. If a breach happens, the landlord agrees to severe penalties.

TWO. The sale price of a commercial warehouse is around 643 dollars per square meter in the market, and the rent per month for industrial warehouses fluctuates from 4.3 dollars to 16.7 dollars per square meter.

The industrial warehouses of Integra Santa Rosa are considered triple-A, which can well support 14.3 dollars per square meter.

Due to being in the initial promotion and making the contract attractive to tenants, we decided to offer it at 5.7 dollars per square meter. Very competitive price in the market.

Leasing contracts for a 1,350 square meter warehouse is 92,572 dollars per year, plus fixed park maintenance expenses.

THREE. By purchasing an investment title of 11,900 dollars, you own the proportional part of the warehouse. This is equivalent to 18.52 square meters and corresponds to an annual income of 1,270 dollars.

Please consider that your title property increases in price with inflation, an extra for the added value of the area, an income guaranteed by a ten-year contract, and it is easily transferable. And without taxes for the operation or transaction for the one who receives it.

By putting it in numbers, you will see that this investment is much more profitable than the bank and that as the years go by, the benefit becomes more and more substantial.


Example proposal:


  • Monthly Lease price per square feet: $0.66 USD.
  • Sale price per square Feet: $71.67 USD.
  • Annual inflation rate: 7%
  • Anual bank interest rate: 4.5%
  • Total Investment: $476,200 USD.


After three years:


  • Total Bank Investment: $544,900 USD.
  • Total benefits on property titles: $747,620 USD.
  • Property title benefits over banks: $202,720 USD.


Consider that capital gains on the property are not included. If so, the benefit of property titles would be more significant.

Please get in touch with our sales department and obtain the details of the numbers previously presented, our project and more accurate proposals.