Building services

Building services


Our real estate and construction company offer a wide range of services to help you find and buy the right property for your needs. From property search to completion of the purchase and turnkey delivery.


Our services include:


Architectural project: We design your project in 2D and 3D using modern software tools. We simulate their processes and evaluate their results until we reach the desired result.


Project Engineering: We design your project's structural, electrical, sanitary, and security engineering.


Permits Support: We generate the necessary studies to comply with the official guidelines so that your project obtains the permits required before the municipality, state, and federation to a successful end.


Administration: We supervise all construction processes to comply with the required local, state, and federal regulations.


Work construction.




Advice: we will offer you professional advice at all stages of your project's purchase, design, and realization.


Financing: we will help you find financing options for your project.


Transfer and Installation Services: Moving your factory can be a challenge; we support you in each step, ranging from the design of new production areas to machinery transfer services.


Process reengineering: Support in documentation, evaluation, and improvement proposal.