Exporting Importing

Exporting Importing


Exporting and importing is an excellent opportunity for companies that want to expand. However, it also comes with several challenges, especially in inventory controls, and fiscal requirements, not just for the Mexican market, but for the USA and European market. That is why many companies hire specialists to help them navigate the process and comply with all rules and requirements.

An advisors can provide various services, from guidance on the investments necessary for export success to advice on obtaining credit and the required logistics to ship products abroad. They can also help companies understand and comply with the different rules that apply to exporting or exporting.

By hiring an consultant, companies can be sure they are receiving the advice and guidance they need to succeed in the international marketplace.

Exporting or importing may sound simple, but it requires a series of knowledge and following procedures to avoid problems. That is why it is crucial to have a specialized advisor.

Here are some of the services or consultancies we offer:


  • Fiscal rules and apply tariffs to export the product.
  • Hiring labor laws, forms of payment, deductions, taxes, benefits, and dismissal rules.
  • Classification of the product to let you export.
  • Creation of societies and recommendations for foreigners inside and outside the FTA.
  • Migration rules.
  • Types of visas.
  • How to obtain credits as a foreigner.
  • Logistics to distribute a product.
  • Orientation of investments in land, warehouses, or houses.
  • Brand creation and protection.
  • Protection against labor lawsuits.
  • Protection against lawsuits for breaches.
  • International and local sales and promotion services.