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The Shelter model is gaining popularity in Mexico as an attractive option for foreign companies looking to establish a quick presence in the country. Integra Santa Rosa has expertise in implementing this model, as it has been successfully utilized by foreign companies on various occasions.


Foreign companies can take advantage of Integra Santa Rosa's services as a Shelter service provider in Mexico.


The Shelter model is a business strategy that enables foreign companies to establish operations in a foreign country, in this case, Mexico, quickly and efficiently. This model is called "Shelter" because it provides a legal and operational "shelter" for companies, allowing them to operate in the foreign country as if they were a local company


The characteristics and offerings of the Shelter model include:


1. Complete Infrastructure.


The Shelter service provider offers comprehensive infrastructure, including production facilities, offices, warehouses, and other necessary services for business operations.


2. Personnel Hiring Services.


The Shelter service provider takes care of personnel hiring, enabling the foreign company to have a qualified and efficient workforce.


3. Payroll Management.


The Shelter service provider takes care of payroll management, ensuring that employees are paid in a timely manner and in accordance with local labor laws.


4. Acquisition of Permits and Licenses. 


The Shelter service provider assists the foreign company in acquiring the necessary permits and licenses to operate in the foreign country.


5. Accounting and Compliance with Local Regulations.


The Shelter service provider takes care of accounting and ensures that the foreign company complies with all local regulations.


Integra Santa Rosa operates as a Shelter service provider, offering all the features and offerings mentioned above to foreign companies looking to establish operations in Mexico. With its knowledge of the local market and extensive experience in areas such as IT, Metal-Mechanical Industry, Marketing, Real Estate, Administration, and Logistics, Integra Santa Rosa is a valuable partner for companies requiring Shelter services.


An example of success with the Shelter model is the American company WR Corp. This company primarily operated in China and wanted to establish manufacturing operations in Mexico to take advantage of low labor costs and proximity to North American markets. WR Corp partnered with Integra Santa Rosa, which provided complete infrastructure and managed all production operations. Within months, WR Corp was operating in Mexico at full capacity, exporting its products to the United States and Canada, and positioning itself as one of the key suppliers in its field.


Another example is the American company ComT Inc. This company aimed to establish a customer service center in Mexico to serve its clients in Latin America. ComT Inc partnered with Integra Santa Rosa, which provided the necessary facilities and technology, and took care of hiring and managing personnel. Thanks to Integra Santa Rosa, ComT Inc was able to establish its customer service center in Mexico quickly and efficiently.


These are just two examples of how companies can succeed in Mexico using the Shelter model by partnering with a Shelter service provider like Integra Santa Rosa.